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Farm/Breeding Farm/Horse Farm/Backyard/Efficient Fly Trap

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Fly Season Is Here, Are You Ready?

Annoying and relentless. Yes, we're talking about flies of course. They are a shared, mutual issue that everyone has to put up with every year. With this ingenious flytrap, the insects will go to the bait bowl and begin to feed, then after they have had their fill they will take off but when they take off they will fly directly up through the funnel into the inside of the trap.


✅100% Natural Fly Trap 🌱
✅Reusable, Environmental-friendly & Last for Years 
✅Easy to Assemble 
✅High fly catch rate


  • Go out without the annoyance of flies and other flying insects.
  • Our Fly Trap lures fly to an early demise without the use of harsh chemicals or noisy, messy electronic bug zappers💕
  • Simply hang the trap in your yard and let it attract flies with natural attractants that you supply

Setup is quick and easy!

  1. Fill the bait bowl up and place it in the bottom ring. You can purchase ours or use something smelly, like cat food. (One bait pack included with each trap)
  2. Connect the 2 interior hooks together to form the funnel. This allows the flies to fly up into the trap with no escape. 
  3. Hang somewhere & watch it fill up with flies! Waist to shoulder high height is recommended. 

Homemade Bait - Baiting flies is as easy as putting some expired food into the bait bowl or some old fish bait. Flies love anything that is smelly and disgusting so the bait is not hard to come by. We do have an at-home recipe for fly bait by mixing in 1 cracked egg, 5 packets of Splenda, and 1 small packet of yeast. Set it directly in the sun and as the sun begins to warm the bait up the flies will flock to the bait. Whatever you see the flies attracted to you can use as well (I know gross.....)

How long does a fly trap last? 

  • Each trap can last several months. Keeping fresh bait in the trap is key for continued successful trapping. You can easily shake out the dead flies into the trash when the trap gets full or replace it with a new one. 


  • Color: Green
  • Material: Iron wire & plastic
  • Cage Diameter: 23 x 33 cm
  • Pot Size: 16 x 16 x 5 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Reusable Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap

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